WorldMarkets Scheme – Still no payouts while SwiftXChange ceased activities

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In the last weeks and months, we have reported several times about the huge WorldMarkets scheme. In our opinion, WorldMarkets was and is a highly toxic and devastating scam that has very cleverly sold itself to investors via active reputation management. Recently we had a discussion with TrustPilot about our scam warning on the review platform. The already reported problems with payouts persist while announced payment partner SwiftXChange ceased its trading activities.

A few weeks ago, WorldMarkets blamed the new payment processing partner SwiftXChange and/or crypto exchange OkEx for not-working withdrawals. It would be due to liquidity issues. Back then, SwiftXChange did not even have a working website. In the meantime, the SwiftXChange website informs that it has ceased trading as of Oct 20, 2020. This means that SwiftXChange will not be used to make payouts for WorldMarkets.

On the WorldMarkets website (www.worldmarkets.com) there is no reference to the many weeks of payout problems. Customer victims are still being acquired. We are curious how long it will take until the website and with it, WorldMarkets will disappear in the dark of the web. Goodbye to the clients’ funds then.

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