I am a COINTED Crypto-ATM, ain
I am a COINTED Crypto-ATM, ain’t I? I am a bit confused, sorry.

We have to apologize in the first place. Unfortunately, we are a small team and thus not able to answer to all whistleblower and contact Emails immediately. Yes, we know that we have to work on that but we are in our second month of operation and kindly ask for your patience. Once again, we humbly apologize for that slow reaction.

We then can tell you that we receive a lot of information about COINTED, OPTIOMENT, and Christopher RIEDER. Suddenly, it seems, all people have always known that this is a huge scam alltogether. Suddenly, all people seem to know that COINTED is of course involved in the OPTIOMENT case and operate their business with a questionable code of conduct when it comes to KYC, AML and investors protection.

Yes, we are more than critical of COINTED and its awkward business practices. But we have to be fair when it comes to judgements. And, yes, we know that their ICO White Paper was full of false statements but we have to prove all those allegations. Hence, we cannot take all information we receive from our readers as “facts” and report immediately.

What seems to be a fact, however, is that many partners claim that COINTED‘s Crypto-ATM business turned into a zombie, a living dead. Besides the fact that COINTED ATM’s are still in use for questionable money transactions, COINTED failed to deliver their Crypto-ATMs to partners and actually, nobody knows who produces those machines. Rumors say that it’s a Novomatic Group company that produces the new generation of Crypto-ATMs but we have not been able to confirm this. The former partner General Bytes confirmed that they are standing up to their allegations against COINTED and thus will not deliver Crypto-ATMs (read open letter).

Partners claim that COINTED’s support team is not available for questions. Emails are not answered and neither are phone calls. Well, actually, it should not be a surprise. Without its founder Christopher RIEDER the company runs in sort of RIP mode. And, sorry, we cannot confirm that Christopher RIEDER currently is in the Philippines.