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The “FinTelegram Financial Intelligence & Investors Protection” project was launched just over 4 months ago. Since then the project has developed very nicely with readers, whistleblowers, and partners from all over the world. We are still in an early stage but we already receive a decent number of whistleblower messages and comments, have been contacted by authorities and lawyers and jointly work with them in different cases. In addition, we are constantly working to expand our global network of authors and partners.

The international website of FinTelegram starts today with the “FinTelegram Membership Program“. Within the scope of this program, we will publish more premium content in the future, which will only be fully readable for registered FinTelegram members. This change has two strategic objectives:

  1. Quality Community: we want to develop a high-quality FinTelegram community around investors protection;
  2. Authors’ Participation: we want to pay authors for their posts and thus maintain a high quality of the contributions in the very best interest of investors.

The financial motivation of authors should result in more scams and Ponzi systems being uncovered in all jurisdictions in the best interest of protecting investors.

We will start our “FinTelegram Membership Program” with a free FinTelegram membership and evolve it in the weeks and months to come. At this stage, it is sufficient to register in order to read the premium posts in full length. Our target is to publish 20% of our posts as premium posts comprising our own research and conclusions. In the future, we also want to offer paid memberships and additional information and services to these members. We are currently working on these subscription models. We are of course grateful for feedback, criticism, and ideas.

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