Warning! The FundsProMax broker scam still attacks European consumers!

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We have recently issued a warning against the scam broker FundsProMax a/k/a FPM (www.fundspromax.com). The boiler room employees behind the scam continue to send out emails claiming that they found money in an account from the BaFin recovery department and money. an, because of your trading account, which you have activated on the financial market. Fundspromax would be directly connected to the exchanges in Frankfurt and Zurich and could generate profits for us. It is a very confusing email. Do not fall for it.

Please remember that regulators like BaFin or FCA do not develop fund recovery activities. They also do not engage partners in such activities and do not issue certificates on funds. Please do read this BaFin warning here.

Recently, several victims of FundsPromax have contacted us and reported intensive activities of boiler room agents. These agents always succeed in convincing victims to make further deposits. The scam is not well done and should be easily recognizable. The website does not provide any information about the operators or the relevant jurisdiction. It is the boiler room agents who trick victims into depositing with lies despite these obvious “I am a scam” labels.

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