Vienna Cybercrime Trials – Payments, Payvision, and about not being a Chief Financial Officer

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Today was day #3 of the Vienna Cybercrime Trials in the case of Marina Barak. Last week, her lawyer, Norbert Wess, had announced that his client would not answer any questions. Apparently, the statements of the law enforcement agent, who provided his testimony today, caused her “I am silent” attitude to change. Marina Barak was then again available for questioning by the court and the prosecutor. Today’s focus was all about the financial processes, the payment processors, and the money-laundering of the cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria. The trial will be continued on May 10, 2021.

Let the files speak

The law enforcement agent stated that after the evaluations of the many documents seized during the search of the offices and the analysis of the payment documents, the leading role of Marina Barak would be beyond any reasonable doubt. She would have been instrumental in setting up contracts with nominee directors, trustees, and offshore companies; in coordinating the payments of the stolen funds. The agent laid out that ING subsidiary Payvision processed the bulk of the money stolen from retail investors via the organization’s broker scams such XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Markes, or OptionStars. Allegedly, there are thousands of emails in the files proving this.

The cooperation of the cybercrime organization with their facilitating payment processors like Payvision or XTrabit obviously was Marina Barak‘s responsibility, the files would suggest. She coordinated the millions in payments from Payvision, XTrabit, and the other payment processors and forwarded them to offshore companies and partners. She also gave instructions to illegal payment processors like XTrabit to whom to pay the money.

The agent also said that one of the Barak’s alleged co-conspirators, Tal Jacki Zecharia Fitelzon, is currently in pre-trial detention in Germany. We also learned that Vladislav Kogan, the beneficial owner of XTrabit, is currently not available to EU authorities to answer questions.

The prosecutor’s questions

After the law enforcement agent’s testimony, no one in the courtroom had the slightest doubt that Marina Barak was not that clueless and headless in love secretary who only took orders and did not know about the fraud. The excellently acting prosecutor elaborated with many detailed allegations that Marina Barak had control over the money of E&G Bulgaria.

Marina Barak continued to deny that she was the financial head of E&G Bulgaria. Yes, ok, on Facebook she called herself CFO but that was just kidding. You can’t take that as proof. The many signatures on contracts? They were just presented to her and she was ordered to sign them. Thought about it? Never, that was not my job! She has a university degree in economics, but she didn’t understand anything.

During the questioning, she again massively incriminated Gal Barak‘s former partner Ilan Tzorya and his guys Delzar Khalaf and Milena Kabadhzova.

At around 3 p.m., the hearing ended. On May 10, 2021, the questioning of the prosecutor will continue.

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