Urgent warning! GS4Trade broker powered by BridgerPay is still chasing victims!

warning against GS4Trade broker scam
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In July 2021, the German BaFin had warned against GS4Trade (www.gs-4trade.com) and announced the launch of an investigation. In September 2021, the UK FCA issued another investor warning against the broker scam running as a white-label mutation on the SIRIX platform of Israeli Leverate. GS4trade Invest Limited, registered in the Marshall Islands, allegedly operates the broker, attacking consumers in English and German. As facilitating payment processors, we again found BridgerPay, Jubiter, and CoinDeck.

Key data

BrandGS4Trade, GS 4Trade
Domainwww.gs4trade.com, www.gs-4trade.com
Legal EntityGS4Trade Invest Limited
JurisdictionMarshall Islands
PlatformSIRIX by Leverate
Payment ProcessorsBridgerPay, Global DLT Exchange d/b/a Jubiter and CoinDeck

Scam Case

BridgerPay with Coindeck and Jubiter facilitating the GS4TRADE broker scam

GS4Trade has changed its domains several times. The most recent one was www.gs4trade.com. However, this domain is offline, and today the scam uses www.gs-4trade.com.

Whistleblowers and victims tell us about enormous financial losses and massive activities via WhatsApp. For example, an alleged financial advisor with the stage name Robin Glassberg is said to have ripped off people for hundreds of thousands of euros under the UK mobile +44 7898 003104. Customers are also allegedly complaining to Leverate.

It is a remarkable fact in terms of criminal law that despite several public warnings from various financial market regulators, Israeli-Cypriot BridgerPay and Slovak-Estonian Global DLT Exchange S.R.O. d/b/ as Jubiter and CoindDeck continue to support the scam. This requires willfulness and intent. This is called aiding and abetting the scam.

On Trustpilot, GS4Trade has a 2.0-star (scam) rating with a corresponding “Poor” trust level.

Systematic scam-facilitators

We have recently discovered the Global DLT Exchange and its brands as facilitators in a wide variety of scams such as Swiss Capital Bank, ProfitMarket, Blumanstock, Tradixa, or in connection with BridgerPay at GoldBachInvest (report here).

If you have any information about the GS4Trade scam, its operators, and its facilitators, we would be grateful if you share it with us.

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