Urgent Warning – Do not work for the illegal payment processor A B Group!

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Illegal payment processors are an essential element for cybercrime activities such as scams. Over the last few years, Germany has built a dark reputation in this regard. Numerous illegal payment processors such as B2G, TrustSecure, or P2P have laundered funds for dozens of scams. BaFin has now announced investigations against the illegally operating payment processor A-B Group a/k/a A-B Group Online (https://ab-group.info). The company acquires home office workers with the purpose of opening bank accounts under their ID. They become part of the illegal payment scheme.

The information available to BaFin justifies the assumption that the company provides unauthorized payment services in Germany. A-B Group Online recruits home office employees on the Internet. Their activity consists of opening accounts in their own name at various credit institutions. They are told that this is to test the KYC procedures, the accounts would be closed automatically after two weeks, the home office workers are told.

However, the BaFin found, these accounts are used to transfer money without the knowledge of the employees in whose names the accounts are set up. The German regulator assumes that these accounts may be used for money laundering purposes. In any case, the account holders become involved in the unauthorized payment services of A-B Group Online and may be held accountable under criminal law.

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