Urgent warning! Do not fall for illegal job offers to test bank accounts!

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The German regulator BaFin warns that scammers post job offers on various job exchanges in Germany. Employees are being recruited to open bank accounts for alleged process optimization or similar purposes. The scammers claim that the accounts will be deactivated or deleted afterward. In reality, however, they are used to process payments, including in connection with fraudulent trading platforms. This happens without the knowledge of the people who opened these accounts. The innocent employees become involved in organized crime, fraud, and money laundering.

By making their accounts available, these employees, as account holders, can thus be involved in unauthorized transactions without their knowledge. This may also expose them to the assertion of any repayment claims by the person from whom the deposited or transferred money originated. BaFin has already drawn attention to this kind of fraudulent job offers in the past and advises people to be extremely vigilant.

In their communications, the scammers’ clone eMinded GmbH, registered in Munich. BaFin clarifies that this company is not the author of the job ads or e-mails in question. Rather, the company’s name is being used without authorization to place unfair job advertisements on Internet job exchanges.

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