Urgent warning! Broker scam TrustPac is still attacking European consumers!

Broker scam TrustPac facilitated by MidPay
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A year ago, in April 2021, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor warning against the TrustPac broker scam operated by TrustPac Ltd. The fraud is still attacking European consumers. We have found MidPay and RogerPay for credit and debit card payments as payment processors. While MidPay has already vanished into the dark of the internet, RogerPay is still facilitating the TrustPac scam! Please do not fall for this scam. Do not let your greed control your mind!

Key data

Trading nameTrustPac
Legal entityTrustPac Ltd
Payment optionsCredit and debit card
Payment processorsMidPay (vanished)
RogerPay (www.rogerpay.io)

The narrative

The TrustPac broker scam is a typical white label scam from one of the many scam factories. Those scams can only do their dirty fraud business because they are facilitated by high-risk payment processors like MidPay or RogerPay. These are at least as illegal as the scam itself and support illegal activities in their money laundering.

While there is a note on Trustpilot that TrustPac has received regulatory attention. However, the scam still has a 3.8-star rating with a “Great” trust level. However, most of the 4- and 5-stars reviews were written by first-time reviewers and reek of fake.

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If you have more information about TrustPac, MidPay, and/or the people associated with them, we would be happy if you share it with us. Stay safe.

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