Urgent warning against Sky Financial Services fund recovery scam!

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The fund recovery scam Sky Financial Services and currently sends emails from [email protected] informing individuals that they found funds that would belong to them. In an email obtained by FinTelegram, Sky Financial Services writes in very poor German that it has been authorized by the regulator of Epayblock, the Bank of Lithuania, to return client funds allegedly held in Epayblock accounts. However, before that, copies of an ID card and utility bill would have to be sent, and a deposit would have to be made. Please do not fall for it.

Sky Financial Services fund recovery scam

The Bank of Lithuania (BoL) revoked the license of Epayblock in November 2021 (read the report here). Previously, the company was active as an e-money institution, facilitating mainly shady high-risk merchants and scammers. FinTelegram has pointed this out in numerous reports. As a result, the BoL revoked the institution’s license for violations of the Lithuania Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

The Sky Financial Services scammers are contacting scam victims and consumers, presenting fake account statements and license confirmations, and subsequently wanting money from the victims to recover the money for them. They are talking about high amounts up to several million that were found on bank accounts or crypto wallets and would be retransferred to them. They address their greed. Accordingly, the scammers want around 10% of the amount supposed to be refunded as a down payment. These scammers have apparently bought the addresses of (potential) scam victims and work with them.

According to our information, these scammers also pose as employees of regulators such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or of crypto companies like Coinbase or Blockchain, among others.

Please remember that regulators do not have fund recovery departments. Moreover, they do not get in contact with consumers. Sky Financial Services and these fake employees of regulators and/or fake employees of financial institutions are all part of elaborated fund recovery scams.

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