Urgent warning against Israeli fund recovery scheme Sterling Law

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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a warning against Sterling Law (https://sterling.law), acting as a fund recovery firm for victims of binary options, forex, CFDs, and cryptocurrency schemes. The website gives an address in Israel. The FCA holds that Sterling Law acts as a clone of the FCA-authorized investment firm Sterling & Law Group (https://www.sterlingandlaw.com/). These fund recovery schemes are hyenas mostly run by or cooperate with scammers. Stay Far Away.

The Sterling Law fund recovery scam is very poorly done. In fact, you should realize that the offer is not reputable after a quick check of the website. There is no legal entity specified. There is also no information provided about the relevant jurisdiction. Just stay far away and do not fall for it. If you have lost money on a broker scam, contact us. We can provide you with reliable experts in various jurisdictions.


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