Urgent message to our whistleblowers – Please provide instructions for submitted files!

SEC Whistleblower Program
Spread financial intelligence

Every day, we receive between 5 and 10 whistleblower reports on a wide variety of people, providers, and systems. We are very grateful for this. Many scams and their supporters would not have been uncovered without our whistleblowers. We also know that among our whistleblowers are employees of compliance departments of financial service providers who notice illegal transactions that are tolerated or supported by their company. They use FinTelegram to uncover illicit business patterns. In this context, we ask our whistleblowers for instructions to avoid mistakes.

We sometimes receive original documents from whistleblowers and use them selectively. For each record, we consider whether a screenshot of an original document could get the whistleblower into trouble because it could lead to traces of the source. Because we want to protect our whistleblowers, we ask for guidance on how to handle the uploaded documents.

We have also adapted our online whistleblower form on Whistle42 accordingly. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Your information is very much appreciated and contributes to the fight against scammers and cybercriminals. In case of any question, you can contact us on fintelegram[at]protonmail.com or office[at]fintelegram.news.

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