TraderFex and Blueprint Capital scams facilitated by Cryptoengine fraud campaign and BridgerPay

TraderFex amd Blueprint Captial broker scams facilitated by BridgerPay and Cryptoengine fraud campaign
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Luckily, an email enlightens us that we could make a lot of money with Facebook Formula. We click on the included link and land on the scam campaign CryptoEngine (https://en.cryptoengine.we-trck.com). Those who register there because they are promised quick money via crypto are automatically directed to the scams Blueprint Capital (www.thbpca.com) and TraderFex (www.traderfex.com) and end up on the cashier pages of both scams. Both scams are allegedly operated via St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but no operators are provided. As a payment processor, we have once again discovered VISA partner BridgerPay.

As always, these scam campaigns take us through various referral hubs. Today, we found https://zzoa.tatlunglura.top/ecedeeuy-yiylc that redirected us to the CryptoEngine page. In some tests, we were then taken through Bitcoin Revolution https://bitcoin-reinventedapp.com/funds before arriving at the scams’ cashier page.

The general rule is that for the safety of your data and money: stay far, far away from all brokers and investment offers promoted via fraudulent campaigns like CryptoEngine. Unfortunately, these campaigns are used not only by scammers but also by the many CySEC-regulated investment firms. Very often, CySEC-regulated CIFs use their offshore mutations to work through these fraudulent marketing campaigns.

Bridger AI Ltd d/b/a BridgerPay as a scam-facilitating payment processor has zero touch issues with scams and the operators of fraudulent campaigns. We have known this for a long time. BridgerPay is a registered “Merchant Servicer” in the VISA network but nevertheless has no problem laundering funds from scammers and illegal broker activities.

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