Gal Barak and his friends at work
Marina Andreeva, CFO of Bulgarian E&G Finances support her partner Gal Barak
Marina ANDREEVA, CFO of Bulgarian E&G Finances supports her partner Gal Barak.

As expected, our report about the “Wolf of Sofia“, Gal BARAK, caused a lot of uproar. Since then, FinTelegram employees and writers have been criminalized by the Tradologic people around the Israeli scam-artist Gal BARAK and his partner Marina ANDREEVA through emails and strange websites with fake news. The approach exactly corresponds to the reports of many customers and employees of the Binary Options platforms about the approach of these fraud artists: intimidation, threats, and fake news as weapons against customers, partners, and employees.

According to affidavits we have received from customers and employees, Gal BARAKs’ people are not squeamish in their choice of means. We are aware of cases in which employees and their families were threatened if the criminal requirements were not met. We learned about women fearing for their lives and the lives of their kids. We learned about customers that have been denounced as fraudsters because they simply wanted to withdraw their funds. And we learned a lot of cheated customers.

We will report more about this shortly and thank you for the many hints. This article is only a first response to the threats and intimidations of the last few days. The picture shows the wolf of Sofia, Gal BARAK, with his friends Maor, Itzk, Amit and, Jacki. We see you guys and you are simply ridiculous! Your employees have already seen through you and continue to report your activities.

To all customers, partners, and employees that are faced with such threats we offer the possibility to make this public via FinTelegram. Please report your case anonymously via our whistleblower system. Don’t be afraid of these people, they are just scammers and malfunctioning people. Simply report them and their activities!