The Optioment Case: What exactly was the Role of “Bitcoins Verdienen”?

Cointed and Bitcoins Verdienen and Johannes Heimhilcher

The Phantoms behind OPTIOMENT

The Optioment case is still being investigated by authorities, media outlets and FinTelegram. The big question is still the one about the man in the dark. So far we know that 2 guys named Lucas MAZUR and Alex POPOV are said to be the ones in the background, the phantoms coordinating the fraudulent crypto-MLM scheme. We are pretty sure that neither Lucas MAZUR nor Alex POPOV are real people. Lucas MAZUR is the name of a French badminton player whereas Alex POPOV was a Russian swimmer.

Bitcoins Verdienen and OptiomentBitcoins Verdienen and J. HEIMHILCHER

There are other names such as J. HEIMHILCHER, an Austrian citizen and resident, and the operator of the Austrian website Bitcoins Verdienen ( A closer look into the Internet Archive reveals that Optioment was one of the partners of Bitcoins Verdienen. Bitcoins Verdienen regularly conducted Optioment events to drive people into this Crypto-MLM.

Furthermore, it was on Bitcoins Verdienen where the last “big” OPTIOMENT SUPER SATURDAY event has been announced and promoted back in November 2017.

According to the Austrian prosecutor HEIMHILCHER regards himself as a victim of Lucas MAZUR and Alex POPOV. Consequently, his lawyers filed a criminal charge against them in January 2018 without being able to provide an address or any other credentials of these phantoms. It’s rather unbelievable that millions of investors’ money should have been transferred to completely unknown people without doing at least a minimum level of KYC which is the usual way if doing money business. You may ask yourself if you believe that.

HEIMHILCHER allegedly is one of the three so called “Optioment Musketeers“, a top Optioment actor (Source: Die Presse).Optioment Bitcoin Sekte

The Cointed Connection

HEIMHILCHER claims that Cointed founder Christopher RIEDER is the mastermind behind the Optioment system he sold to investors.

The truth is HEIMHILCHER has always been part of the Cointed network and hence close to RIEDER and friends.

Cointed and Heimhilcher
Cointed as Heimhilcher subdomain

He and his company were the partner for Cointed’s website hosting and a sales from the very beginning of Cointed in 2015. As you can see from the Google Search result given in the screenshot Cointed’s early website ran on a subdomain of HEIMLICHER.

On Bitcoins Verdienen, Cointed has been praised as one of the best Bitcoin companies in Austria. But the connections don’t stop here. In 2017, Bitcoins Verdienen started to promote the PutinCoin cryptocurrency (read this article on Bitcoins Verdienen). On their website, the promoters of PutinCoin claim that this is the cryptocurrency for the Russians. Optioment has positioned itself as an “arbitrage system” working with Russian banks. There obviously seems to exist a close connection to the Russian Bitcoin scene which would make sense as the Russians have been early adopters of Bitcoin and among the pioneers in Bitcoin businessrs. And what exactly is the role of Turkish “The Bosphorus” venture (read this telegram) in this context?

Again a “big thank you” to all whistleblowers for providing us with background information. Currently, we are analycing the blockchain transactions and the wallets of those connections. Any hint and wallet address would be welcome to analyze the Optioment payment transactions.