The FinTelegram Impact – Zoo Scam Brokers Removed Crypto Payment Option ‘ExchangeITonline”

A few days ago, FinTelegram exposed the extensive Zoo Scam Broker network. The relevant research is still ongoing. We have received the first pieces of information from our global whistleblower community in response to our Request for Information with the intention to expose the ultimate perpetrators behind this vast fraudulent scam broker network.

We also learned about first, reactions of Zoo Scam Broker perpetrators. Over the last 24 hours, they removed the link to the crypto exchange ExchangeITonline as an exclusive payment option for crypto deposits with these broker schemes. Furthermore, they also changed some of the other payment options as one insider told us. The are on the run.

We see this as a success for FinTelegram and our whistleblower community. Any restriction on the ability to rip off clients is a success. Together we can have an impact, together we can fight these perpetrators and scammers.

Communication with Offer Efraim Levy

We have communicated in detail with Offer Efraim Levy about the cooperation between his ExchangeITonline and the Zoo Scam Broker schemes FXtrade777, TradesEasy, ECNpremium, CFDpremium etc. He has denied any involvement in the scam schemes and announced legal action against FinTelegram if we do not remove his name and that of his ExchangeITonline.

Due to the accuracy of the articles and our mission of investor protection, however, we decided to let the articles online. That said, we tend to believe Offer Efraim Levy that he has induced the necessary steps to let his ExchangeITonline be removed as exclusive crypto payment option from the broker scams. Thank you for that Offer! Much appreciated.