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Posts tagged as “Uwe Lenhoff”

Veltyco Update – Lenhoff’s company announces finalization of Bet90 transaction and plans name change into Bet90 Holdings

Veltyco was responsible for the marketing of the scams and broker frauds and was used for money-laundering. Besides Uwe Lenhoff, his Albanian partner Betim Tasholli is also said to have been arrested as has been Lenhoff's Israeli partner Gal Barak. More than a dozen potential accomplices are currently being investigated by several public prosecutors' offices. Veltyco and Lenhoff have laundered dozens of millions of Euros via German Wirecard and Dutch Payvision, among others. This is the current status of the investigations.

The EU Broker Scam Case – More than 200.000 German client-victims may have been defrauded; Five EU member states are investigating; Traces to Amsterdam and Belgrade!

The investigations of the various EU Law Enforcement Agencies into what is probably the largest European-Israeli cybercrime organization around the German Uwe Lenhoff and his Israeli partner Gal Barak are taking on ever greater proportions. 35 offices have been raided in five countries.

Attacking Europe – Serbian-Israeli boiler room Tera Media and the Dutch Scam Axis

The boiler rooms in Belgrade are still active. Officially, they call themselves call centers, business process outsourcing (BPO) or marketing companies. Essentially, they are illegal boiler rooms. Their agents attack retail investors in the EU with fraudulent forex or crypto products. Tera Media DOO in Belgrade's Airport City is one of these boiler room perpetrators.

Binary Options Scam – Luxery Yachting Cruise with Option888 victims’ money

In the course of the investigations around the binary option and broker scams of the German Uwe Lenhoff and his Israeli partner Gal Barak, new horrors appear almost daily. The two and their accomplices have led a luxury life at the expense of the victims of their broker scams such as Option888, XMarkets, SafeMarkets, XTraderFX, OptionStarsGlobal or Golden Markets.

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