Still active! UK FCA warns against Gloffix scam

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We have already warned several times in the last months against the Gloffix broker scam, which is active with the domain www.gloffix.com. Now the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also issued an investor warning against Gloffix. Advaniq Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands, allegedly operates the scam. The Bulgarian Key Solutions Ltd is the stated payment agent. The broker works with the Sirix Trader platform and MetaTrader 4.

Anyone who wants to know who the scam operators are should contact Praxis Cashier by Amit Klatchko. The unregulated Cypriot-Israeli payment processor has facilitated the scam until our report in March 2021. Hence, they must know the identity of the perpetrators. Since then, Gloffix has changed payment processors several times. Currently, victims can lose their money via credit and debit cards. Do not fall for the Gloffix broker scam and save yourself money and frustration.

If you have any information about Dsdaq and/or its operators please share it with our research team. You can use our whistleblower system for this purpose.


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