Yesterday was a good day for the crypto industry. John MCAFEE tweeted to his (more than) 828.000 twitter followers that the SEC approached and threatened him (probably about his questionable roles in several ICO dump and bump schemes).

As we all know John MCAFEE used its twitter community to market shabby and questionable ICO projects on a large scale and thereby tried to earn quite good old FIAT money. Not really a big difference to the business models of all the good old non-blockchain companies (FANG) out there.

As the hard SEC´s stance on qualifying most of the Tokens as security tokens, evidently threatened his quite successful business model (marketing shabby ICO projects), he started to shout out against the SEC.

MCAFEE also announced yesterday, that he is up to something new “an equivalent alternative to ICOs” which he said “the SEC cannot touch. Hopefully it is not within the Blockchainecosphere!