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The scandal surrounding ENVION AG’s ICO is far from over. The public prosecutor’s office, courts, lawyers and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and their authorised representatives are currently dealing with it. According to the attorneys involved, the German BaFin is also examining the processes surrounding the ICO of ENVION AG. The processing will certainly take many months, if not years. However, this does not prevent the ENVION makers from making the next attempt at a “German” ICO with RISE ECO.

One could, of course, be of the opinion that one can argue calmly with the 100 million dollars of the ICO investors. There is enough money for lawyers, courts and the media. As long as the acting actors of ENVION blame each other and the courts and authorities have not yet passed judgements with legal force, the dispute is a media spectacle. And the shareholder group around Michael LUCKOW has an important advantage with Martin LAURENT.

The two shareholder groups around Michael LUCKOW and Martin LAURENT on the one hand and Matthias WOESTMANN on the other are trying to demonstrate that the other side is to blame for the catastrophe for the ICO investors. It’s a good USD 100 million that ENVION AG received from around 30,000 investors for the construction of crypto mining. Der ENVION Cheerleader Martin LAURENTThe shareholder group around Michael LUCKOW has an advantage in dealing with the social media and the press, as it has a merciless mood maker and cheerleader in Martin LAURENT.

In the meantime, it has become clear that ENVION AG has never operated properly, that ENVION AG was merely an empty shell and that the ICO investors were misled. In the overall context, one can justifiably ask the question whether ENVION had actually ever been planned to be set up properly.

Matthias WOESTMANN - Anchorman und Aktien-Künstler

The history of Matthias WOESTMANN with “Pump-and-Dump” actions with (Canadian) Penny-Stocks and his website “Der Börsenmann” nourishes the suspicion of an intentional rip-off (here you can find more).

ENVION AG, for example, does not hold the alleged assets, but TRADO GmbH, managed by Michael LUCKOW. That contradicts the public statements in the White Paper and the sales documents. Who exactly has how much money (or crypto currencies) from the ICO cannot really be determined. Both parties obviously have power of disposal over parts of the investor’s funds.

ENVION damages the German crypto scene

In the meanwhile collapsed ICO hype gullible investors with the predicate “ICO made in Germany” were seduced to believe that everything corresponds to the well-known German quality standard. ENVION AG, as a Swiss vehicle, has added one more thing and conveyed the “Crypto Valley Spirit”. Matthias WOESTMANN, a former TV spokesman and entrepreneur, completely ignorant in the blockchain area, is installed as frontman and already the crypto investors, who were already affected by the FOMO fever, were gone. In the end, ENVION was only a Potemkin village and the ICO a fraud against 30,000 investors. So far only the ENVION founders and their consultants have enriched themselves.

The fact is that the players in ENVION have massively damaged the reputation of the entire crypto-industry and were supposed to be banned from “scene”. Here are some selected press releases about the Cause ENVION:

Whether ENVION AG will survive this debacle seems questionable after the last statements. There is talk of over-indebtedness and liquidation. On the website of the Berlin law firm CLLB, which represents disappointed ICO investors of ENVION, you can read the status.

Once again they are after the money of retail investors!

However, the most important players behind ENVION AG will not be deterred by the debacle. Martin LAURENT and Nikita FUCHS are already working on the next Token Sale project. All work in the newly founded BerlinTechnologyGroup (BTG) and have already taken care of Envion’s ICO. This time everything is to be handled cleanly, super-transparently and above all in accordance with the rules of the German financial market supervisory authority BaFin. The project is called RISE ECO and prepares the STO of the Rise with the support of the German law firm DWF. This is the same law firm that the Token Sale of ENVION has set up.

Our experts have taken a closer look at the planned token sale of RISE ECO in the last few days and have got massive doubts about the seriousness of the offer. Martin LAURENT (alias Clay) was NOT available for a critical discussion on the telegram channel of RISE ECO. As already at the telegram channel of ENVION the critical people are blocked and denounced. False statements about the much praised BaFin Compliance must be accepted by the nearly 18,000 members of the RISE channel please without criticism. By the way, the STO is again a Genussrecht (as is the case with Envion), whereby neither an approval nor an examination by BaFin took place: In addition RISE ECO accepts only German investors from € 200,000 upwards to participate anyway (can be found in the small print in the new version of the white paper).

Discussions about RISE ECO on #Bitcointalk

Also on BitcoinTalk,  there are quite critical voices about this token sale:

BitcoinTalk #Rise

Preliminary judgement about the RISE ECO Token Sale:

The RISE ECO Token Sale, under the marketing and Envion-tested supervision of the talented cheerleader Martin LAURENT, follows the dramatic pattern of ENVION with great to blatant announcements that are not tenable on closer inspection. Critical people resp. disappointed Envion investors are banned and blocked by the project’s media representative – Martin LAURENT – in the literal sense of the word. The much praised BaFin compliance – as an assurance to the investors that BaFin has looked at the project – is just as absent as the assets at ENVION AG.

Note: The layout of the website has been refurbished in the last 24 hours and the blatant statements have been reduced. Unfortunately – and thank God for the potential investors – the Internet does not forget (and neither do we)!

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