Request For Information – VCapital Podgorica, Stox Market, And Related Brokers

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Exposing of illegal broker schemes leads FinTelegram through many countries and jurisdictions. Certainly, the global illegal broker scene is governed by the Israeli protagonists around Gal Barak and Gery Shalon and their teams. The Israelis, however, choose other countries to operate their fraudulent broker schemes. The most important building blocks of these broker schemes are the boiler rooms and the payment service providers (PSP). In recent years, a few preferred locations have emerged for the operation of (illegal) boiler rooms and (illegal) PSPs. In addition to Bulgarian, these were mainly Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

Boiler Rooms And Payment Service Providers

Gal Barak‘s E&G Bulgaria, as well as, Uwe Lenhoff‘s Veltyco network have operated a number of boiler rooms in the Balkan countries. In Summer 2017, the public-listed Veltyco Group established a subsidiary in Montenegro – Velmont MNE – to drive drive the business with PSPs and boiler room activities. In close partnership with Gal Barak and his partners Gery Shalon and Vladislav Smirnov.

Veltyco subsidiary in Montenegro Velmont MNE
Veltyco group company in Montenegro – Velmont MNE

Barak’s Lieutenant Kfir, for example, was one of the people responsible for the boiler room operation on the Balkans. We have already described the activities of E&G Bulgaria’s subsidiary My Markets doo in Serbia. This company with registered office in Belgrade operates several boiler rooms in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Montenegro. ARC Solutions d.o.o. in Sarajevo is also one of them.

Around the Montenegrin Atlas Banka, which has collapsed due to exposed money laundering of up to 500 million euros, illegal payment service providers such as Global Payment Solutions (Podgorica) have emerged. Again under the leadership of Gal Barak and his Israeli friends. Besides Gal Barak, the German scam artist Uwe Lenhoff was also involved in this Global Payment Solutions (Podgorica). Both held 25% each, the remaining 50% were initially held by local people. However, they quickly distanced themselves from the illegal activities of Barak and Lenhoff and sold their shares. These partners are known to FinTelegram.

Requested – Intel On VCapital doo Podgorica And Brokers

In addition to Global Payment Solutions, we also discovered VCapital doo Podgorica via whistleblowers and victims. As a payment service provider, it has managed many illegal broker schemes. Among others VCapital Podgorica served the following illegal broker schemes:

  • Stox Market
  • Gallant Finance
  • Interactive Banc
  • Finix Capital
  • Forex Point (4xPoint)

We already received the payment data from victims of these illegal brokers and were, therefore, able to start our investigations and compare the data with the other broker schemes. We have already been able to gain initial insights into the people behind the companies and schemes and have a hypothesis on the connections and networks. However, the FinTelegram team is convinced that other victims and whistleblowers have even more clues. Together, we can capture the operators of these illegal payment service providers and broker schemes. In the best interests of investors and victims.

Share Information With FinTelegram

We would be more than happy to receive your information on VCapital doo Podgorica and the illegal broker schemes it served. Please share your information with our FinTelegram team using our whistleblower system. Become a part of our movement to chase those perpetrators and make the internet a safer place.

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