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Request for Information – MRT Technology Group, Nostro Technology, Euro Wealth, Kho Tech, Tera Media, and the Balkan connections

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The authorities in many countries are investigating against the many binary options and broker scams of recent years. Many operating companies have since been dissolved to cover up traces, but there is still one rule – follow the money. In the case of MRT Technology and its associated companies, the same applies. Via MRT Technology Podgorica DOO in Podgorica, Montenegro, payments were processed by many large scams such as PrestigeFM, TopTrade, XLRTrade or 10Brokers. Just to name a few of them. The Belgrade-based Tera Media DOO has been one of the boiler room operators for these schemes.

MRT Technology Podgorica DOO is currently being investigated by, among others, the Montenegrin public prosecutor’s office for money laundering. According to FinTelegram’s information, the shareholders were

The director of Kho Tech Ltd and MRT Technology Ltd is (was) the Ukrainian Iuliia Davydenko. The two Dutchmen Gaele de Graf and Floris Pieter Bartel Waals also appear in the vicinity of these scams. The Hungarian Zoltan Korzscog is regarded as one of the heads of this vast broker scam scheme. The director of MRT Technology Podgorica is Aleksandar Djokic and the nominee director of the Tera Media boiler room in Belgrade, Serbia, is Maja Rajačić.

We seek information from victims, partners or former employees of these entities and individuals to uncover these scams. Information can also be provided anonymously to the FinTelegram team via our whistleblower system.

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