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Request for Information – Hoof Media (Хуф Медия) and Nitsan Peri (Ницан Пери) and their relationship to binary options and broker scams

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The Bulgarian capital Sofia was and is the most important center of the Israeli Sammer in the EU. As an EU member state, Bulgaria offers the perfect conditions for scammers to rip off retail investors in the EU.

Around the scams of Gal Barak and Uwe Lenhoff and their joint company Global Payment Solutions Podgorica DOO, Hoof Media Ltd (Хуф Медия ЕООД), registered in Bulgaria, recently appeared as a beneficiary of questionable payments.

Within just a few weeks hundreds of thousands of Euros were transferred from the small investors around Option888, XMarkets, and TradeInvest90 to the Hoof Media Ltd of Israeli Nitsan Peri). We would like to know more about Nitsan Peri and Hoof Media Ltd. We would be grateful for any useful information about our whistleblower system.

Please note that the transcription between Hebrew, Cyrillic, and Latin often massively (and intentionally) distorts the spelling of individuals and companies.

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