Request For Information – ‘Get Financial’ Broker Scheme

Get Financial Broker Scheme

Late November 2018, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) updated their warning on the illegal broker scheme Get Financial. According to the information on the FCA website, the broker scheme is operated by the two companies Get Financial Markets Ltd ( Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) and Astroro Investments Limited (Cyprus) with the domains and FinTelegram received documents showing that the Get Financial scheme is closely connected to the cybercrime organization around Gery Shalon. To continue our research in more detail, we ask our readers to provide additional information and feedback.

Involved Payment Services Providers

Those broker schemes need cooperating payment services providers (PSP) to rip off investors. FinTelegram already pointed out several times that these PSPs have to be regarded as co-conspirators. They either intentionally support the cheating of investors or at least fail to apply proper Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) procedures.

One of our FinTelegram people registered with GetFinancial and promptly received a call from a UK number. A nice lady finally with the name Isabell Miller sent an Email with bank data to be used for a first deposit:

Get Financial bank wire instructions
GetFinancial data for deposit

The bank wire should be made to a bank account of Get Media Services Ltd with the Lithuanian bank Mister Tango. Interestingly, the purpose of the deposit is not “trading” but “marketing services. The CEO of Mister Tango is Kęstutis Šimėnas. The PSP is operating with a license of the Bank of Lithuania which is also responsible for supervision. Well, in the case of Get Financial the supervision obviously doesn’t work so great. Mister Tango should have noticed the warnings of financial regulators against their client in their AML/KYC checks.

It’s worth to take a closer look at the sender’s email address This domain has been registered by a guy called Georgi in Georgia. Doesn’t this ring a bell? If not, please read this FinTelegram article.

Besides the bank wire, Get Financial offers a Bitcoin payment option with the wallet address 1E7GxA5fNjdxdQT7UfsjJdccExk1W5Lhft as the receiver. A quick look at showed that this specific wallet has already received more than 270 BTC from other investors which is quite impressive. Given the current exchange rate of $3,6000 per BTC this is almost a million dollar:

Get Financial BTC Deposit Wallet

When opting for credit card payment one is finding the usual suspect Praxis Pay as PSP.

That said, it’s pretty clear that this Get Financial is just another scheme from the Israeli-Bulgarian network of illegal and unregulated broker.

Share Information

If you have information on the unregistered and illegal broker scheme Get Financial we would be more than happy to receive them. Please use our whistleblower system to share your information and feedback with us: