Request 4 Information – Vanished Forex and Crypto Scams CCXcrypto, ProCapitalMarkets, and MyCoinBanking

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The crypto broker scam CCXcrypto has already disappeared from the web for several weeks. The website is offline and can only be found in the internet archive. There you can read that the website was operated by Bonatech Ltd., registered in September 2017 on the Marshall Islands, and by the subsidiary Mitchell Group EOOD, registered in October 2017 in Bulgaria.

In the Bulgarian company register, the names Aleksandre Ninua appears as representative of Bonatech and the Bulgarian Petyo Donchev Zlatev as manager of Mitchell Group. Both names are associated with a number of other companies. For example, Zlatev is registered in the UK as an officer with a Digital e Payment Services Ltd (formerly Digital Entertainment Payment Services Ltd).

According to the documents available to us, the CCXcrypto scam is connected to the other two scams ProCapitalMarkets (www.procapitalmarkets.com, www.procapitalmarkets.co and www.procapital-markets.com) and to MyCoin Banking (www.mycoin-banking.com). This connection is likely to be provided by common boiler rooms and bank connections. The UK FCA has already warned against MyCoinBanking in December 2019, and again warned against ProCapitalMarkets in January and February 2020.

Payment Processors

The registered financial services provider Lithuanian Mister Tango UAB and BitPanda in the crypto-currency area have appeared as bank connections.

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If you have information about CCXCrypto, ProCapitalMarkets or MyCoinBanking and/or are a customer or client of these schemes, we would be pleased if you would share this information with FinTelegram. You can use our whistleblower system for this purpose.

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