Renewed warning! Do not fall for the ADSX.Exchange idiots!

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A while ago, we issued a warning against ADSX.Exchange, which offers fund recovery services to bring back the money to the victims of online fraud. On the other hand, it also provides trading in cryptocurrencies right away. The website claims that adxs.exchange UK Ltd with the company number 09083955 would be the operator. However, this company registration number belongs to Coinbase UK Ltd, which is part of the listed crypto exchange Coinbase (www.coinbase.com). Stay Far Away from these stealing idiots.

Key data

Coinbase (fake)
Legal entityCoinbase UK Ltd (UK)
Payment processorCB Payments

Scam narrative

The website of adxs.exchange claims to offer investigative and consulting services for victims of online trading fraud to help them get their money back. They claim to be able to track down digital fingerprints, cyber analysis, and thorough investigative work. However, they are also offering crypto trading services, which look like a scam, smell like a scam, and are a scam. The German regulator BaFin issued an investor warning against ADSX.Exchange.

The User Agreement is concluded with adxs.exchange UK Ltd and FCA-regulated CB Payments Ltd on the one hand and the user on the other. The scam website claims to work as an agent for CB Payments Ltd, regulated by the FCA with the reference number 900635. CP Payments is part of the US crypto exchange giant Coinbase.

We could not determine whether CB Payments actually facilitates the ADSX.Exchange with its services. However, the fact is that many scammers use Coinbase, Binance and other crypto exchanges to receive funds from their victims.

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If you have any information about this scam and its operators and facilitators, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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