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We get a lot of tips and reports from whistleblowers every day. In fact, it is this decentralized intelligence that we live on. Therefore, we sincerely thank every whistleblower. Interesting information concerns the crypto investment scheme BridgingNetworks and its founder and owner, Milton J Guarderas, born in July 1989 in New Jersey. The U.S. citizen is apparently making a fortune with his BridgingNetworks investing in cryptocurrencies for his client. A lucrative business, as pictures on Instagram show. We would like to know more.

According to our information, neither Milton J Guarderas nor his BridgingNetworks (www.bridgingnetworks.finance) have any license in any regulatory regime to run an investment or wealth management business. There is no information about the operators and regulations on the website. From the social media accounts connected with this scheme, it seems to be a US-German venture.

BridgingNetworks CEO Milton J Guarderas

Milton J Guarderas (pictured left) does his business across the globe but lives in New York City and Brooklyn, United States, and Germany, where he owns expensive cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, or Mercedes. He uses them to race on German speedways (“Autobahn”), where it is known that you can drive without a speed limit. He shares his wealth and happiness with people through his Instagram account with the handle @LegendaryHodler. Therefore, you can see that his luxury cars are registered in Anhalt, Bitterfeld, in Germany.

It is not known where BridgingNetworks or Milton J Guarderas pay tax on their evidently huge profits. One client informed us that he lost money on investments. He said he knew of other clients who had got back part of their investment. This may or not be the case.

We are not saying that Milton J Guarderas or his BridgingNetworks are acting illegally. Still, apparently, they are engaging in regulated financial activities without proper authorization from the relevant regulatory authorities. If you have any information about this, we would appreciate it if you submit it to us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.


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