Avalon Life Crypto-MLM scheme

In the global crypto-MLM environment, Germany might be something like an epicenter. Many of the large crypto-MLM systems such as USI-TECH or NEXUS GLOBAL were founded by German MLM artists. So was AVALON LIFE, that in 2016 propelled the tokenization of the MLM sector as a pioneer. The scheme is said to have 168,000 members which would make it a top dog in this weird scene. After extensive investigations, FinTelegram starts today with reports about AVALON LIFE. We try to shed light on the obvious question of whether or not AVALON LIFE is a Ponzi system.

The “Good Cause” Project in the Crypto-Scene

Over the last few months, FinTelegram gathered extensive information from various sources in order to be able to conduct a deep research on the German crypto-MLM AVALON LIFE. The scheme, founded by the two Germans Tom KOLLER and Thomas GRAF is one of the top dogs in the global crypto-MLM universe. The scheme is operated with the ambitious claim “Empowering People. Supporting the Planet. We are Avalonians!” and positions itself consistently as a “good cause” project. Hence the name in allusion to the legendary island of the Arthus saga.

AVALON LIFE saves the rainforest with investor money and blockchain
AVALON LIFE saves the rainforest with investor money and blockchain technology

In this noble attitude, the Avalonians launched the Green Earth project in 2017. Members can buy pieces of the endangered rainforest (or so) and consequently earn a passive income from their investment. Of course with Blockchain and Green Earth crypto-exchange. As an investor, you only need to buy a piece of rainforest and receive an annual dividend of 6%. Doesn’t that sound good? Too good maybe? We will provide detailed information on this model in the reports to come. With changing good cause stories, domains and CEO’s, AVALON LIFE may have raised impressive sums of money from investors and members. A nice summary of the changing stories of AVALON LIFE since its inception in 2016 can be found here on Behind MLM.

The Crypto MLM Giant?

On its new website, AVALON LIFE impresses with the claim to have over 168,000 members. The German crypto-MLM NEXUS GLOBAL, for example, claims to have currently some 75,000 members. The purported number of members is actually the only striking fact on the website of AVALON LIFE S.A., which was obviously created quick-and-dirty as a standard WordPress page including the standard footer “proudly powered by WordPress”.

Most recently, an announced IPO on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) in Toronto failed. Similar to OneCoin, the AVALON LIFE makers sold the IPO vision to their members as a central motivation and exit strategy. Like the PONZI schemes OneCoin and BitConnect, AVALON LIFE has launched its own cryptocurrency Pura Coin.

Conclusion: in view of the size and incidents, it is advisable to report on the AVALON LIFE crypto-MLM system in order to protect investors. Evidently, there are some “Red Flags” around this crypto-MLM, which would justify a classification as a Ponzi or pyramid scheme in the first place. In any case, a C42 watchdog investors alert is justified to call investors to increased attention.

Our Research Project

In the course of our research, we have received a lot of insider information. Among those reporting insiders was a German countryman from Koller and Graf. He used to work as an investment manager for an Austrian bank. In the course of the crypto-euphoria, he has meanwhile launched his own crypto-company and advises his clients’ with investments in crypto-assets. He can therefore justifiably be described as an expert for investments and crypto-assets and thus was a trustworthy informant to FinTelegram.

AVALON LIFE CEO Thomas Graf in conversation
AVALON LIFE CEO Thomas Graf in conversation

In the conversations with him, we learned that he was originally a fervent follower of Tom Koller and Thomas Graf and therefore also worked as a distributor for AVALON LIFE scheme. He was present at most events in Vienna and actively recruited new members. The Vienna events 2016 and 2017 were always well attended. He still remembers the great events at the Hotel Regina in Vienna that were fully booked and acquired many new members who made their payments into the scheme.

At that time, the AVALON LIFE story was based entirely on big-style dash-mining in Costa Rica, where crypto mining allegedly could be carried out with the cheapest earth and solar energy for a high profit. The 2-meter giant Thomas Graf is an impressive appearance and, like most MLM artists, an excellent rhetorician. Back then he explained to the audience that AVALON LIFE would control around 30% of the DASH Blockchain’s total mining capacity. The proprietary Pura-Coin was already in place at the time but was not that much at the center of strategic attention as a few months later. Dash-mining is history, Pura Coin-mining is the real thing now.

At some point, the banker broke with Graf and the AVALON LIFE scheme for whatever reason. He purportedly would have noticed that much of the published information on the scheme was simply wrong. He also expressed his suspicion that many of the pictures with Thomas GRAF of events in Asia and other parts of the world were faked in order to make an impression on investors in Europe. The banker would also have already instructed his Viennese lawyer to reclaim the money paid in by him and his network. We have spoken to this Viennese lawyer and learned further details, which we will discuss in detail in the next reports.

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