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Person of Interest – Armin Ordodary and his broker schemes

Last updated on June 29, 2019

This Armin Ordodary and his FSM Smart broker scheme have an interesting history with FinTelegram. When FinTelegram reported about FSM Smart we were contacted by several parties and asked or urged to take the article offline. The real story would be completely different and we would get more information soon. A good partner gave us the advice to forget the story because behind it would be dangerous people and could actually really harm us. And in any case, Armin Ordodary would only be a monkey, someone who gives the frontman for the ultimate fraudsters.

Only a monkey

The fact is, however, according to the information available to us, Armin Ordodary is not just a monkey. And even if he were, he has a legal responsibility as shareholder and director of companies involved in scams and investment fraud. By now, he must know that he’s the front man for scammers and fraudsters. With that, there’s no excuse for him. To us, he is part of the scam organization around FSM Smart and other illegal broker schemes (read our FinTelegram report on Lexbond and FSM Smart connections here).

FSM Smart scheme with Armin Ordodary

We want to know more about Armin Ordodary to be able to stop the scams for which he acts as frontman. Armin Ordodary is also an official partner and director of the Serbian Upmarkt DOO. According to the information available to us from local people, Upmarkt operates a boiler room for the scam brands involved.

According to the Serbian companies register, Ordodary tried to change the name of the company. The Serbian companies register authority has rejected the request for change this time but it will work some time. Before all traces are blurred, we would like to know what he does with his companies and for whom or with whom he acts. Moreover, he launched another company in Serbia called BizTech DOO. Ordodary is a director and sole shareholder of this company.

Identified brands and companies

Our FinTelegram Research Team has been able to establish connections between Armin Ordodary and the following brands and companies so far:

Brands and Domains

  • FSM Smart –
  • FSM Smarts –
  • NepCore – a white-label broker and/or CRM solution


  • FSM Smart Ltd – Marshall Islands
  • Benrich Holdings Ltd – Cyprus
  • SIAO Ltd – Cyprus
  • Upmarkt DOO – Serbia
  • BizTech DOO – Serbis

Report information

In case you have information on Armin Ordodary and/or his FSM Smart and related schemes please share it with FinTelegram using our whistleblower system.

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