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End the Cold Code War – Sign the Petition to Free Naama Issachar from her Russian prison

It's a story reminiscent of the movie Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks. The film takes place during the Cold War when the East Germans captured an innocent young US student and wanted to exchange him for a Russian spy who was under arrest in the USA. In this case, we are in cyberspace in a cold code war. On the one hand a suspected Russian cybercriminal and on the other hand an innocent young Israeli. This is the story connected with the call to sign the petition for her release.

The Evil Corp – Russian cybercrime organization principals indicted in U.S. after multi-jurisdictional investigations

It's war time again and it's is once again a fight United States v. Russia. As so often in the past, this New Cold War is taking place in cyberspace. The Americans repeatedly claimed that the Russian state supports cybercrime against Western states and the USA and protects cybercrime. This is probably also true of Evil Corp and its Russian principals.

Why it is so important to expose the operators of scam-facilitating payment services providers and boiler rooms

For many victims but also for lawyers and authorities, the perpetrators behind the borker scams are the operators of the respective website and domain. This is a wrong view or at least just part of the big picture. As a matter of fact, it's a scam triangle with three major players - domain & website owner, boiler rooms, and payment services providers (PSP).

iSignThis Affaire – Australien payment company connected to binary options scams sues operator of ASX exchange

Australian payment company ahs interesting relationships with notorious binary options perpetrators Yossi Herzog and Kobi Cohen. Trading in iSignThis shares on the Australian ASX was suspended by the stock exchange in the course of this affair. Now ISX is suing the operator of the ASX Exchange for the reinstatement of trading in the shares. To many industry experts, iSignThis is sort of the Australian WireCard - a listed fintech star with a questionable compliance approach.

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