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Rising FinTech – Reviewing the Naspay and BigWallet group of companies and services

The new FinTechs with their fragmented corporate structures, cross-company services, and multi-jurisdictional approach actually constitute a massive challenge for regulators. In many cases, the only relationship between these differently branded FinTechs and their respective services is their beneficial owner. Today we present our review on the Naspay & BigWallet FinTech group.

Investor Warning – Austrian regulator warns against FX Crypto Club

This week, the Austrian Financial Market Authority FMA issued an investor warning against the so-called FX Crypto Club ( The illegal Forex Crypto Broker is operated through CapCorp Ltd, which is allegedly registered on Marshall Island. On its website, the company claims to be an IT software and services company.

Michael Gastauer and Black Banx – The fictional story about a would-be Mogul and FinTech Guru and the world’s leading FinTech startup you never heard of

The German investor, philanthropist and FinTech entrepreneur Michael Gastauer is certainly not a humble person. On the contrary! He is a man of superlatives in every respect. As was the famous (fictitious) Baron Münchhausen also known as the German "Baron of lies". We are not claiming now that Gastauer would definitely be a "lie baron" but there are indications that could lead to this conclusion. Here his story.

Request for Information – Bobby Gill, Robert Courtneidge and their HNW investment scheme

The UK lawyer and manager Robert Edmund Courtneidge is generally considered a FinTech expert. In addition, he obviously has a lot of expertise in the engineering of scam facilitating constructions and in money-laundering schemes. Until 2018 he worked in the London office of the US law firm Locke Lord. A lot of money-laundering and investment schemes are connected with Robert Courtneidge. FinTelegram has already been researching on him over the last couple of months and again asks for more intel.

The Dark German OneCoin Empire and how Ruja Ignatova allegedly got her new Ukrainian Identity

The history of the crypto-MLM OneCoin scam definitely has all the ingredients to make a Hollywood blockbuster out of it in the near future. Based on the model of "The Wolf of Wall Street" released in 2013 with Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of the 1999 convicted US stock exchange fraudster Jordan Belfort, the OneCoin movie adaptation could fill cinemas worldwide. Surely the hundreds of thousands of aggrieved OneCoin members would buy a movie ticket. This report provides additional information and rumours around OneCoin and its Cryptoqueen.

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