OMEGAPRO – Serial Perpetrators Mike Kiefer And Robert Velghe At Work?

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The serial rip-off perpetrators Mike KIEFER and Austrian Robert VELGHE will start OMEGAPRO together with their friends on 27 January 2019. The ingredients for this new MLM scheme are said to be online trading with artificial intelligence (AI) and crypto and a taste of online lottery. Apart from this strange combination, the usual MLM recipes are used to cook the next rip-off signature dish.

Mike KIEFER and the largest Crypto Scam

Mike KIEFER with his German countryman Ralf GOLD was one of the founders of the notorious crypto-MLM scheme USI TECH, which is said to have acquired some 400,000 members worldwide. The renowned CoinCentral labels USI TECH as one of the largest crypto scams. The financial market supervisory authorities of numerous jurisdictions in Europe and North America have qualified the system as illegal and have taken action against the respective operators.

Numerous reports about investors from multiple countries who have lost their money prove the fraud character of this scheme. FinTelegram has reported extensively on USI TECH. KIEFER has been involved in many MLM projects before and is a veteran of network marketing.


Together with Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, Robert VELGHE founded the crypto-MLM schema OMNIA TECH, which started in the crypto hype 2017 with super-high expectations and great promises. OMNIA TECH initially focused on crypto-mining. The mining activities were discontinued in November 2018, as were the related payouts to customers. VELGHE departed at the end of 2018. FinTelegram has covered this scheme and VELGHE extensively.

The current OMNIA TECH CEO Milan SORMAZ tries to add some value to the MLM scheme after VELGHE’s departure and the closing down of crypto mining. However, there are no recognizable strategies. FinTelegram has received numerous complaints from OMNIA TECH members waiting for their payouts. Prior to OMNIA TECH, VELGHE was involved in numerous other MLM schemes.

Already at the end of 2017 Christian Michel SCHEIBENER pulled out of OMNIA TECH and started the crypto-MLM NEXUS GLOBAL with his longtime friend and partner Michael THOMALE. It is said that NEXUS GLOBAL already has more than 70,000 members. However, the collapse of the crypto markets and the depressive crypto environment makes an imminent end to the NEXUS GLOBAL appear likely.


OMEGAPRO claims to be focused on FOREX trading with artificial intelligence (AI) which was the USI TECH idea back then in 2017. Hence, OMEGAPRO may be seen as a successor of the USI TECH scam. Additionally, the guys enriched the trading concept with an online lottery which actually contradicts any serious FOREX trading offering.

Given the history of Mike KIEFER and Robert VELGHE, nothing good can be expected for OMEGAPRO. The managing director of OMEGAPRO LTD in the UK, which was registered in November 2018 at the UK Companies House, is Austrian Michael OTRIN. This guy seems to be a blank page in the scam scene. As there are no other shareholders and/or controlling persons listed in the UK Companies House, OTRIN must also be considered as the beneficial owner. Until proven otherwise. OMEGAPRO LTD is listed on the website www.omegapro.world as the contact and operator.

It is presumably no understatement to claim that Mike KIEFER and Robert VELGHE are serial perpetrators of the PONZI and snowball schemes. To start up two MLM schemes within just under two years is almost a record. As with all serial offenders, the intervals between acts become shorter and shorter.

Currently, it is not clear which licenses OMEGAPRO will use for online trading and lotteries. Both are activities subject to licensing. We are still waiting for the relevant information.

OMEGAPRO Boiler Room Groups On Facebook

The relevant Boiler Room groups have already committed themselves to OMEGAPRO on Facebook. The current OMEGAPRO Facebook group, with more than 10,000 members, was until recently the Boiler Room group for NASDACOIN‘s illegal pump-and-dump scheme and previously promoted NEXUS GLOBAL and other scams. The involvement of this Facebook group in a project alone is a compelling reason for multiple red flags for investors. The participants of this group and their administrator – the avatar Dimitryi SAVELEV – have only one goal: their own enrichment.

FinTelegram has already drawn Facebook’s attention to this group and its activities. It would be appropriate for Facebook to block this group and the accounts of its operators.

Other Facebook members are already warning about the new scam from KIEFER and VELGHE. But as usual, that won’t bother the two of them. All critics and warners are labeled as “Hater”.

Report Information And Incidents

If you are aware of any issues with the OMEGAPRO and/or the USI TECH and/or OMNIA TECH projects and/or the people behind them we would be more than happy to receive your information and tips. Please use our whistleblower system to share your information with FinTelegram:

  1. Diana says:

    I am one of those affected by OMNIA, and also a partner of OMEGA PRO. Without realizing those reasons, despite the fact that on June 6 I reported as liquidation in OMNIA and reveal more details.

    Now Milan and his 4 managers must answer even Robert. They are thieves

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