NEXUS GLOBAL – The Prelaunch of The Next Crypto-MLM

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Today is sort of D-Day for the next “big thing” in the crypto-MLM scene. Christian Michel SCHEIBENER and Michael THOMALE prelaunch their Nexus Global venture today. At least this has been announced in the Nexus Global Facebook group and on the website (www.nexus.global). And yes, it must really be a big thing with mining farms in China and Finland and offices in Delaware (US) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

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Nexus Global Packages
The Nexus Global Packages

It sounds like X-Mas for the Crypto-MLM universe and, consequently, Nexus Global presents its packages on Facebook. It’s really all in from the cryptocurrency scene:

  • Mining of many cryptocurrencies (and the kitchen sink)
  • Forex Trading and Binary Options
  • ICO and IPO
  • Academy in 17 languages

We don’t want to be too critical but a bit more details about the packages would have been helpful tp the public and potential MLM participants. It sounds almost too revolutionary to be true. A lot of pixie dust is thrown at the audience actually and the expectations are high.

So let’s wait and see. We probably will know more in just a few hours after the prelaunch. We will keep you informed and would be happy to hear from you guys some feedback.

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