Investor Warning – Illegal Broker Gloffix facilitated by Praxis Cashier

Investor Warning Gloffix Scam with Praxis Cashier
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An email comes from [email protected]. It sounds like a scam, right? Of course, the email ends up in the Junk Email folder, but that is where most emails from scam brokers or fraudulent affiliate systems end up. This specific email contains a link to https://earn-instant-profits-now.com, the website of a fraudulent affiliate scheme where various campaigns are executed. One of them is Greentree Profits with a nice video. After registration, you end up at the actual investment site – either a regulated CySEC investment company like eXcentral or an illegal broker like Gloffix facilitated by Praxis Cashier.

The operating environment

Gloffix broker scam facilitated by RedSys and Comercial Global Payments and Praxis Cashier

The illegal broker Gloffix is allegedly operated by Advaniq Ltd in the Marshall Islands, with the Bulgarian Key Solutions Ltd acting as a payment agent. The broker works with the Sirix Trader platform and MetaTrader 4.

The payment facilitators

As a payment provider sees once again practice Cashier in use. Via Cashier one is redirected to Comercia Global Payments (www.comercialglogalpayments.com) which is powered by the Spanish Redsys (www.redsys.es). As merchants, we found the Spanish companies Livaplay and Saite Digital in both tests.

We have also found this combination with Praxis Cashier, RedSys, and Comercial Global Payments in other scams, such as FinmaxFX or FinmaxBO by Ukrainians Olena Vakulenko and Oleksandr Vakulenko. Please read this report here for more details.

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