Investor warning – GXCM broker scam facilitated by secretive RogerPay

Investor warning GXCM facilitated by RogerPay
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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor warning against the broker scam GXCM (www.gxcm.finance) last Friday. The operator of the scam is allegedly GXCM Ltd with Estonia as the competent jurisdiction stated in the Terms and Conditions. As a payment processor for credit and debit card payments, we found RogerPay (www.rogerpay.io), a mysterious payment processor whose stated social media accounts are not online.GXCM is a stupidly crafted white-label scam.

RogerPay has no legal entity or individuals listed as operators on its website. This is a typical high-risk payment processor focused on the dark and black side of the internet business. GXCM is registered with RogerPay with the Merchant ID (MID) 6194917 as we learn from the source code of the website. This information is not worth much at the moment. Stay far away from GXCM and RogerPay. We last discovered RogerPay as a supporting payment processor in the Victoria Coins and El Comercio24 scams. Please read the report here.

Hold on to your money and don’t let them steal your data.

If you have any information about Dsdaq and/or its operators please share it with our research team. You can use our whistleblower system for this purpose.

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