Investor warning against the TMF Investments crypto investment scheme!

investor warning against TMR Investments crypto scheme
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Tmf Investments LLC is a U.S. broker-dealer registered with the U.S. SEC, CIK #000179650, and FINRA. This company allegedly operates the TMF Investments crypto investment scheme (www.tmf-investments.com) offering investment plans that are supposed to bring investors up to 25% profit within just 72 hours. TMF Investment looks like a clone of Cascadia-Capital crypto scams that we warned about recently. Most likely, both are operated by the same scammers.

We are very sure that SEC-registered Tmf Investments LLC is not the operator of this crypto investment scheme. This company is part of the well-known The Motley Fool group of companies and would probably not operate such a rotten scheme. The scammers apparently use the data of this company to present themselves as a regulated company and lure victims.

The website of the TMF Investments scheme is designed in a very confusing way. On the one hand, they present themselves as a broker, then nauch as a wealth manager and asset manager. A quick look is enough to realize that this is a crazy scam. Stay far away, save yourself financial losses, frustration, and the theft of your data.

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