Investor warning against broker scam Altima Trade

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Sergey Dubovtsev in Baku, Azerbaijan, has registered the domain https://fintechnews.live through his legal entity Sirius LP. A fake German article about YuanPay, supposedly the first official cryptocurrency, can be found there. Readers who click on the links in the fake article are redirected to the TryDigitalCashOffers website. Upon registration, potential victims will then be redirected directly to Altima Trade‘s payment page. Do yourself a big favor and stay far away from this broker scam and avoid financial losses and theft of your data.

Key data

Trading nameAltima Trade
Domain registrarNameSilo
Legal entityShenanigans Consulting LTD
JurisdictionSt. Vincent & The Grenadines
PromotorsFinancial News (https://fintechnews.live) powered by Sergey Dubovtsev
YuanPay via TryDigitalCashOffers
Payment processorABNCBP

The narrative

There is actually no meaningful narrative behind Altima Trade. It is a white-label scam from one of the numerous scam workshops. Dozens of new ones of these scams launch every day. Customers can lose their money via credit and debit cards through ABNCBP Cashier and cryptocurrency deposits.

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If you have any information about Altima Trade, its operators, and partners, please share it with us via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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