Investor Attention – Swise Invest scam facilitated by Bitcoin Era fraud campaign

Investor warngin Swise Invest scam promoted by Bitcoin Era
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This morning we receive an email from [email protected] that our membership has been confirmed, and we could now join a group that would allow us the potential for unlimited income. Wow, well then. We click on the link sent along and land on the Bitcoin Era scam campaign running on the DigitalInvest Era website (https://digitalinvestera.com/bitcoinsera). By registering with Bitcoin Era, one is automatically registered as a customer with the broker scam Swise Invest (www.swise-invest.com) and redirected to the scam’s payment page. Allegedly, the scam is operated by Luten X LLC on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Deposits are not possible at first. In this respect, the whole promotion about the Bitcoin Era scam campaign does not even make sense. Of course, the scammers or their marketing agencies with the scam campaigns want to have our data like email and phone numbers. Anyone who registers with Bitcoin Era and discloses their data can expect phone and email terror to begin. The data of the victims of the scam campaigns are traded intensively. The digital marketing agencies, as scam facilitators, do big business with it. Most of these agencies are located in Cyprus and Israel.

Would you please not fall for these scam campaigns and the scams promoted by them? You will save yourself money, losses, theft of their data, and a lot of frustration.

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