Investor Alert! TrendsTurbo is still chasing European victims!

Bitcoin Code promotes TrendsTurbo broker scam
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Disclaimer: The operators of the TrendsTurbo scam have already filed fraudulent copyright infringement claims against FinTelegram several times. They want to avoid that our reports about the scam show up in Google search results. Google has rejected all these claims. We are motivated by these fraudulent actions to warn even more intensively against these Russian and/or Ukrainian scammers.

On June 7, 2021, we issued an investor alert against the TrendsTurbo scam promoted by the Bitcoin Code fraud campaign. In Aug 2021, the UK FCA issued a warning against the TrendsTurbo (www.trendsturbo.com and www.trends-turbo.com) broker scam, following FinTelegram’s assessment issued two months ago. Google has done so before. Evidently, our conclusions are more often correct than not. We have an interesting story with TrendsTurbo in the first place.

Our warnings evidently disturbed the scammers. On June 21, 2021, the operators of TrendsTurbo (www.trendsturbo.com) broker scam filed an infringement claim with Google alleging that our investor warning would infringe the copyrights of another website. They wanted Google to exclude our warning from the search results. We filed a counterclaim, and thus Google reinstated our article. We also researched TrendsTurbo more intensively and published additional information. The UK FCA apparently followed our assessment and qualified TrendsTurbo as an illegal broker and scam. FCA has certainly come to this conclusion based on its own audit.

The TrendsTurbo broker scam has been promoted the fraudulent Bitcoin Code campaign (www.bitcoincodesoft.com). Upon registering, one eventually ends up on the cashier page of the scam broker TrendsTurbo (www.trends-turbo.com). The TrendsTurbo a/k/a Trends Turbo broker scam is allegedly operated by KMA Group LLC, registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The scam is quickly recognizable as such. Actually, no people should fall for it. Stay far away and secure your money by doing so.

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