Investor Alert – Potential crypto bull run leads to aggressive scam attacks

Investor alert in crypto bull environment
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Cryptocurrencies have risen massively in the last few days. The lead crypto Bitcoin (BTC) has broken through the $10,000 resistance level after weeks of futile attempts and even took the $11,000 mark in the last 24 hours before bouncing back. The Ether (ETH) had already made an impressive bull run before and managed to break through the $330 mark. It is currently not clear whether this is really the long-awaited crypto bull run, technical market adjustments, or whale movements. Stay alert, don’t fall for scammers and investment schemes.

See through the pixie dust

What is certain, however, is that scammers and investment fraudsters are using this potential crypto bull run to acquire client-victims. Price targets of $20,000, $50,000, or even $2500,00 are certainly being mentioned again by the perpetrators. For sure they will refer to their “magic-touched algorithmic trading algorithms” that will generate high profits and returns for you. That’s all just pixie dust. The sad fact is, however, that most of the time no profits will be made and the money and scammers will disappear.

The acquisition is all the easier now that parallel to the crypto rise, the stocks have lost. Dow Jones or Hang Seng have presented them rather weak over the last few days. That’s no surprise as the resurgent COVID pandemic is clouding the economic outlook.

The FinTelegram News team has received a huge increase in calls from boiler room agents on the various team phones we use to register with potential scams and investment sites. Our telephones are efficient scam seismographs and cause us to issue this warning.

Report Scam Attacks

We urge all investors and consumers to exercise extreme caution when attempting acquisitions via telephone calls, emails, or social media. You can inform the FinTelegram Research Team about such acquisition attempts at any time via the Whistleblower System. We will report and warn about the reported scams and investment schemes.

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