Investor Alert! Don’t fall for the SolidInvesting and FXActiv broker schemes!

investor warning against SolidInvesting and FXActiv broker scams
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The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor warning against the SolidInvesting (www.soldinvesting.io) broker scam. High Rock Holdings LLC in St. Vincent & The Grenadines allegedly operates of this scam. Potential victims can lose their money via credit and debit cards. SolidInvesting‘s cashier runs on the domain https://abncbp.com, which was registered through the Bahamas; the website is connected with the IP address, connected to Lithuanian Cherry Servers UAB. SecurePaymentGateway (www.securepaymentgateway.io) is one of the integrated payment processors.

Most recently we found SecurePaymentGateway in connection with ABNCBP cashier https://abncbp.com at FXActiv scam which was active under various domains like www.fxactiv.com, www.fxactiv.io, www.fxactiv.co, or www.fxactiv cc. You can find our report here. Based on our information, we have a reasonable suspicion that both SolidInvesting a/k/a Solid Investing and FXAxtiv are Russian and/or Ukrainian scams operated by the same illegal boiler rooms. Both scams are white-label mutations from the same scam workshop.

We further suspect that the operator of ABNCBP cashiers is based in Lithuania and is probably even a regulated institution. The SecurePaymentGateway runs in Amsterdam, Holland, on the servers of LeaseWeb Netherlands B.V. (www.leaseweb.com). However, we need more information in this regard. We are working on that.

If you have any information about the SolidInvesting and FXActiv scams or their operators, or about the operators of the ABNCBP cashier or SecurePaymentGateway, please let us know via our whistleblower system Whistle42.

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