Investor Alert – 24/7 Trading Academy scam promoted by BitcoinUp fraud campaign

BitcoinUp fraud campaign promotes 24/7 Trading Academy scam
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In our market monitoring activities, we have noticed that a new scam is active again with 24/7 Trading Academy (www.247trading.academy), which is an introducing broker chasing new victims for broker scams and illegal offers of regulated CySEC brokers. The 24/7 Trading Academy scam itself is promoted by the fraudulent marketing campaign BitcoinUp (www.bitcoinup.io), which we have already added to our blacklist. The BitcoinUp campaign is currently running on the UflySmart referral hub (uflysmart.com/LP-PT-4-roi/). Stay far away from 24/7 Trading Academy.

The fraudulent campaigns like BitcoinUp, Bitcoin Prime, Bitcoin Profit, et al. are actually easy to identify as fraud. The promises about getting rich quickly using Bitcoins are completely ridiculous. However, the operators of these fraud campaigns put a lot of effort into Trustpilot, for example, to obtain a good rating there via fake reviews and thus create the appearance of respectability. BitcoinUp currently has a 3.8-star rating with a “great” trust level on Trustpilot.

Moreover, the promoted scams and illegal offers promoted by these fraudulent campaigns are not related to them. They offer completely different stuff. That should be obvious to any potential victim. Unfortunately, enough victims still fall for this large-scale scam.

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