Illegal Broker 4xFX And the Closing Of XTraderFX, SafeMarkets, Golden Markets, And OptionStarsGlobal

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The FinTelegram team intensively dealt with the closure of the illegal broker platforms of Gal Barak and his E&G Bulgaria. We called the phone numbers listed on SafeMarkets, XtraderFX, GoldenMarkets, and OptionStarsGlobal, received interesting information and discovered the illegal broker scheme 4xFX and illegal payment services providers (PSP).

Boiler Room Employees Announce License And New Company

Some of the UK numbers listed on the websites did not even work (see phone numbers here in our report). In phone calls with SafeMarkets and XTraderFX, our people happened to come to the same person on the phone. Our question, how it could be that the same person would work for SafeMarkets and XtraderFX at the same time, was not even answered. We got off the hook.

Even more revealing is the information provided by XtraderFX and SafeMarkets boiler room employees and their respective scripts. The closing of the illegal broker schemes was explained with the fact that they would receive a license shortly and therefore would have to change the system. It was also explained to the customers that all problems would be solved with the granting of the license. In this respect, customers are obviously being prepared for a new platform.

Finally, the boiler room employees referred to the new Claim Service legal department. You should please send an email to [email protected] and find out how to proceed. When sending such a request, you will be informed that a representative of the company will come back to you and your claim will be investigated. That’s something, isn’t it?

4xFX – The New Illegal Broker Platform

Some of our EFRI members have informed us that they have received calls from employees on the 4xFX platform (www.4xfx.com). They have been clients and thus victims of XtraderFX and SafeMarkets. These callers have all customer data at their disposal and try to persuade those XTraderFX and SafeMarkets clients aggressively to invest in 4xFX.

Our FinTelegram team has therefore contacted 4xFX and pretended to be a potential customer. We were advised in detail by a certain Ed Barnes who represented himself as a 4xFX senior account manager. With a minimum investment of EUR 20,000, we would be guaranteed a monthly return of 25%. This would be ensured by a so-called “managed account” (PAMM account). The allegedly experienced traders of the 4xFX would guarantee this monthly 25% return. That sounds promising, doesn’t it?

Bank Transfer To South Africa

The South African FNB First National Bank was named to us by email for the transfer of the EUR 20,000. The beneficiary of the payment would be the Rapid BO (PTY) LTD, also based in South Africa. This is a digital marketing company as it is often found in the environment of illegal FOREX brokers. The purpose of the payment should be “Payment for Services“.

4xFX bank wire instructions
4xFX bank wire instructions

The processing of the payment alone indicates that this is again an illegal brokerage scheme. The boiler room emplyoees purport that 4xFX is a Berlin based company. Members of EFRI report on calls from Berlin telephone numbers. Unfortunately, they don’t speak German and they actually are not located in Germany.

It is currently not possible to say with certainty whether 4xFX is the successor of SafeMarkets, XTraderFX, GoldenMarkets or OptionStarsGlobal or whether “only” the customer data was sold. From Israel, we heard the rumor that people behind and/or around E&G Bulgaria joined 4xFX and took it over or are about to take it over. We haven’t been able to verify the rumor yet. As a matter of fact, the domain www.4xfx.com was parked until the beginning of 2018. In the first quarter of 2018, almost a year ago, the illegal broker was booted up under this domain.

In March 2018, the Estonian GRF Europe OÜ was named as operator and owner. In March 2019 Rock Intl Ltd, based in the Marshall Islands, is stated as the owner of the 4xFX website. The GRF Europe OÜ is specified as administrator and processor whatever this means. The Rock Intl Ltd and the Marshall Islands are indeed an indication that the usual suspects in Bulgaria and Israel are at work with 4xFX, isn’t it?

German Payment Service Provider for Crypto

CoinBatur (www.coinbatur.com), which is operated by the Estonian company Rock Europe OÜ, is listed as the payment service provider for cryptocurrencies. CoinBatur is officially located at Potsdamer Strasse 180 in Berlin, Germany. The support of CoinBatur can be reached under the German telephone number +49-89-1-4377-3885, i.e. in Munich. According to DomainBigData, the domain coinbatur.com was registered via Israel. Rock Europe OÜ also operates the crypto exchange Incryptous (www.incryptous.com) which is supposed to be located in Berlin.

Our FinTelegram guys called CoinBatur and were redirected from the German telephone number to an office in Poland. On request, a nice lady informed us that CoinBatur is not a normal crypto exchange, but a crypto payment service working for 4xFX and other broker schemes. In this respect, we can consider CoinBatur as part of the 4xFX network and co-conspirator.

In both companies, a certain Oliver Hemmer (born 1976) from Liechtenstein works as a director. Via his CMC Corporate Management Consulting, he holds numerous functions on behalf of his respective clients and is merely a front figure.

4xFX network of companies and websites
4xFX network of companies and websites

We can assume that the two companies Rock Europe and Rock Intl are related and the people behind them are the beneficial owners of 4xFX.

Report activities and people

If you have any information about activities or persons related to the illegal brokers SafeMarkets, XraderFX, GoldenMarkets, OptionStarsGlobal or 4xFX, we would be pleased to receive a message through our whistleblower system. FinTelegram will investigate all information in the best interest of investor protection.

Injured investors can file their claim through our EFRI initiative. Our team of attorneys and auditors will handle your receivables in the best possible way.

  1. ken says:

    Hello i have a trading account with XtraderFX and since the supposed investigation into their actions i havent been able to access my account or withdraw funds?
    What do i do??

  2. David Owens says:

    I also have a trading account I have received so calls Crap Also I checked Office Addy Stoke Road
    Slough Not actually listed What can I do to get my money back

    1. Zoli says:

      Yes. I see also that 4xfx is gone and I called a guy named Jovanni Klein there who reassured me that the server is down give it a few hours. It has been a few days. Trying to reach them on the phone with no answer. Not happy at all.

      1. Mark says:

        Those schemes are all related to the Bulgarian Gal Barak operation. They work with the very same boiler rooms and client addresses. It’s time to stop them once and forever.

  3. Lumi says:

    Eello everyone. I am caught between a rock and a hard place with OptionStarsGlobal. I was able to access my account on https://www.optionstarsglobal.com/ and the site started saying “We are currently under investigation and we will come out clean. please hang i n there and we will resume as per normal bluh bluh bluh. Your fund s are safe then boom “403 forbidden” site in accessible

  4. Shaun Green says:

    I had stupidly invested with golden markets. Almost at the end of a long 4 month battle in retrieving my money. Hope that they get what they deserve …. Fraudsters….

  5. Lumi says:

    I am having trouble recovering my investment money with OptionStarsGlobal. The site was up for a while and looked ok then a message to the customer about an investigation into the business then boom cforbidden error” site down. Any help will be much appreciated.

  6. ben Cameron says:

    4xfx update – so after my last post, I was joyfully told that they had moved the site to 4xfx.net as the .com site had been hacked. After a heated conversation with Jovanni Klien, I was told that they would release my money when my account had reached a certain level of profit and not before!!
    I sat on this for a while, checked my account and could see that the funds were returning a profit, which was being banked.
    Today, a fellow investor/ victim called me to say that the site was no longer up, and they have vanished.
    Anyone else want to find these cnuts and try to get our money back!

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