Fintelegram ICO Scam Alert: BYTOM GOLD Fintelegram ICO Scam Alert: BYTOM GOLD

Fintelegram – in cooperation with Octo the Scam Hunter – has again caught an ICO project with all fraud warning signs given. BYTOM GOLD is currently running an ICO and probably has a fake team on its website.

Warning sign 1: No imprint

Where does the company come from? How is it incorporated? Who manages it? In which country is it registered? Bytom does not tell visitors to its website. A bad sign.

Warning sign 2: No Whitepaper

Fraud ICOs often reveal themselves by copying their whitepaper. Bytom doesn’t even bother to create one in the first place. Although the ICO is already running, the paper is only announced.

Warning sign 3: Social media questionable

The telegram channel has gigantic 16,000 followers, but hardly anything happens on it. The medium channel has just as fantastic 8,000 followers but since one month suddenly hardly more range. That smells like fake profiles. The Twitter account, on the other hand, was blocked by Twitter:

Warning sign 4: Team most likely faked


A look in Linkedin shows that all team members work for other companies:

Advisor George Sassine:

Pierce Schiller:

Laura Barrera

Anastasia Plotnikova

Our conclusion: Hands off!

Fintelegram has inquired with the persons and waits for clues.

Shout-out to Octo The ICO Scam Hunter. He/She does what his name says: he hunts ICO scams: “It is my purpose to share this information and knowledge with as many people as possible and inform them about such scams.”