German prosecutors: we will get you and your assets anywhere in the world!

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We recently reported that the Bamberg Prosecutor’s Office, led by Nino Goldbeck, coordinated an international Action Day in Ukraine in October 2021 (report here). The goal was to dismantle a cybercrime organization that, among other things, operated the scams Nobel Trade a/k/a Nobeltrade and Capital Trade a/k/a CapitalTrade via boiler rooms in Ukraine and defrauded European consumers. The 33-year-old Israeli and suspected principal Snir Moshe Hananya was arrested and his luxury cars seized. German prosecutors have declared war on scammers.

A message from prosecutors

In a media-effective action, Nino Goldbeck had two of Snir Moshe Hananya‘s luxury cars flown in. A Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Lamborghini Aventador. The two cars are said to be worth more than one million Euros with their equipment. They are to be auctioned off in Germany and the proceeds paid out to the victims. The two cars were flown from Ukraine to Germany in an Antonov 12. According to official information, the costs for this amounted to €47,000, i.e. just under 5% of the estimated value of the cars. On arrival in Germany, the German media were present, as well as the Bavarian Minister of Justice, Georg Eisenreich. It was a spectacle.

By confiscating the luxury cars and transferring them to Germany, the German prosecutor’s office has sent a signal to the scammers. Luxury cars and expensive watches are an important status symbol for most scammers that they bought with the victims’ money.

The prosecutors signal to them that they will go after them get their cars and their fortune no matter where they sit. Such signals are necessary to create a deterrent effect.

The year of the hunters

In recent months, German law enforcement agencies have conducted action days in Israel, Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the Philippines. Suspects have been arrested, data and evidence seized, interrogations conducted and assets confiscated. According to information available to FinTelegram, more international arrest warrants are expected to be issued and charges filed in the coming weeks and months.

2022 will apparently be the year of the hunters! Prosecutors and police officers hunting scammers!

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