German BaFin follows FinTelegram and investigates ElitSolutions with BridgerPay!

BaFin investigates ElitSolutions broker scam facilitated by BridgerPay
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FinTelegram warned against the broker scam ElitSolutions (www.elitsolutions.co) in early September 2021. At the time, the scam had come to our attention because it chased victims via the Bitcoin Buyer fraud marketing campaign. Recently, the German regulator BaFin announced investigations against ElitSolutions and its operator, the Polish Terem Ok Sp Z.o.o. Currently, victims can lose their money on credit and debit card payments in the scam. We have discovered BridgerPay as a payment processor. Stay far away.

According to BaFin information, the operator of ElitSolutions is Terem Ok Sp. ZOO, a digital marketing agency in Warsaw, Poland. Vitalijs Terehovics is the company’s registered director. His email address [email protected] is provided as the contact on the company’s website (www.terem.pl).

The supporting payment processors frequently change in scams. In today’s review of ElitOptions, we have again discovered the unregulated Israeli-Cypriot payment processor BridgerPay and, alternatively, the SandCheap cashier (https://sand.cheap) through which credit and debit card deposits of victims are processed. Stay far, far away from ElitSolutions.

If you have any information about this scam or the supporting payment processors, we would appreciate it if you submitted it to us. You can use our whistleblower system Whistle42 for this purpose.

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