Fraudulent BitQT campaign chasing victims for Finexico scam facilitated by Paytechno et al

Warning against BTQT promiting broker scam Finexico
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A new email in our junk folder from [email protected]. It leads us first again to the already well-known fake article on LPONLINE or TopOnTechBiz (www.topontechbiz.com). From there, we move on to the fraudulent BitQT campaign on Amazing Offers and Bitcoin Revolution (www.the-bitcoin-revolution.deapp.com) to the broker scam Finexico (www.finexico.com), which was until recently operated as Finexics and Finotive by Harmonte Group LLC, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and SLN Development LTD in Cyprus. This network operates white label scams on the running bank. We have already reported about it (find it here).

German BaFin investigates

The German regulator BaFin recently announced that it had launched investigations against the fraudulent BitQT campaign and its operators. In fact, the BitQT campaign – like many other fraudulent campaigns – is promoted via various websites. An operator or domain owner is never provided.

The scam and its facilitators

Finexico broker scam facilitated by Paytechno

As payment processors, we have once again discovered the usual suspects integrated via API in the scam’s the BoxiPay cashier: The Best Gateway by PayTechno, the NeoBanQ, and PayCent. Currently, the licensed Estonian crypto payment processor PayoTech is big in scams with its dark brands PayTechno and The Best Gateway (see report here).

PayTechno is controlled by Israeli Asaf Itzak Rubin and apparently has its offices in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Report the scammers

Stay far away from the fraudulent marketing campaigns and the brokers advertised with them. If you have any information about them we would be happy if you share it with us.

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