OPTIOMENT – BAIL-OUT FUND OFFLINEThe OPTIOMENT bail-out fund closed down its website. Hence, the chances for investors to recover funds from OPTIOMENT is next to zero.Rene REUMUELLER
OPTIOMENT AND COINTED REPORT – WHERE ARE THE MILLIONS?The detailed report of an Austrian broadcaster on the OPTIOMENT scam raises the question of the whereabouts of investors' funds.Christopher RIEDER, Albert SPERL
THE COINTED PRESS RELEASE AND THE OPTIOMENT CONSPIRACYThe COINTED founder Christopher RIEDER and OPTIOMENT were involved in the OPTIOMENT scam. The question is to what extend they have contributed to the loss of investors.Christopher RIEDER, Wolfgang THALER, Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV
CRYPTO-CRIME SCENE: THE COINTED INVOLVEMENT IN THE OPTIOMENT CASEAn first analysis on the possible involvement of COINTED into the OPTIOMENT scam.Christopher RIEDER
Optioment Update: 7 Supects and Christopher RIEDER MissingA criminal complaint has been filed regarding the OPTIOMENT case and 7 suspects including COINTED founder Christopher RIEDERChristopher RIEDER,
Optioment and Cointed: Chasing the FundsAn analysis on the flow of investors' funds, the total amount of funds invested, and the involved parties and organizations.Christopher RIEDER
The Optioment Case: What exactly was the Role of “Bitcoins Verdienen”?The Austrian website "Bitcoins Verdienen" obviously was an important distributor for the OPTIOMENT scam.Lucas MAZUR, Alex POPOV, Johnannes HEIMHILCHER,
Bitcoin Scam Optioment – Criminal Charges filed against 3 AustriansThe initial report on the OPTIOMENT scam in March 2018.Christiana RATZ
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