VELTYCOVELTYCO is the hub of a global network of offshore companies operating betting, gambling, and binary options side. Regulators in different jurisdiction issued several cease and desist orders against companies associated with VELTYCO. Uwe LENHOFFUnited Kingdom
ARBITRACOINA global crypto-MLM scheme focused on crypto-trading with a self-developed trading bot. Cristian Andrei GENHTA, Karl DOPPLERunknown but strong presence in Germany and Austria
OMNIA TECHA crypto-MLM scheme focused on crypto-mining. They already changed their domains and locations several times and have published false information about partner and facilities. Rober VELGHE, Christian Michel SCHEIBENERArmenia, Austria
COINTEDAm Austrian crypto-company involved in crypto-ATM business, crypto-mining, and crypto-exchange. Its founder Christopher RIEDER is suspected to be involved in the collapsed OPTIOMENT crypto-MLM scheme.Christopher RIEDER, Charli AHO, Daniil ORLOV, Wolfang THALERAustria, Hong Kong
OPTIOMENTA collapsed crypto-MLM focused on crypto-trading with an automated trading bot. the scheme collapsed early 2018. Criminal investigations are conducted in AustriaChristopher RIEDERAustria
USI-TECHA crypto-MLM scheme made by Germans focused on crypto-trading and mining. Regulators in Northamerica have already issued cease and desist orders against local actors.Mike KIEFER, Horst JICHA, Ralf GOLD, Michael HERRMANNGermany, Dubai
BLOCKBASEA crypto-mining company focused on hosting services for other crypto-mining schemes and large mingers. The company provides (and/or provided) hosting services to OMNIA TECH and COINTED Vlado STANICAustria, Dubai
ENVIONA Swiss-German crypto-mining venture which successfully conducted a $100 million ICO. Shareholder disputes around undisclosed facts are about to destroy the project.Michael LUCKOW, Matthias WOESTMANNGermany, Switzerland
WACHSENDE WERTEAn Austrian crypto-mining scheme which is closely connected with COINTED. Operates its own crypto-mining facilities in Austria.Dietmar JOWANKAAustria
BITCLUB NETWORKThe world's largest and perhaps oldest crypto-MLM scheme is still a very private venture.Russ MEDLINNevis
NEXUS GLOBALAnother Crypto-MLM made in Germany. It's a sort of spin-off of OMNIA TECH and wants to become the world's largest crypto-venture. Allegedly connected with GBMiners and Amit BHARDWAJ.Christian Michel SCHEIBENER, Michael THOMALEUnited Kingdom, Germany

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