FinTelegram and LitigationToken Join Forces for a Safer Investment Place

Spread financial intelligence

FinTelegram is a project that aims to make the online-investment and crypto-trading space a safer environment. We believe that a lot of ICOs and crypto-MLMs are at least questionable and more often than not scams. Consequently, we expect that many investors will have to take actions against ICO promoters and need legal support.

LitigatonToken and FinTelegram join forcesThe Litigation Coin Consortium – as the name suggests, a team of lawyers, investigators and legal services people – have been working since late 2017 to implement a blockchain-based litigation finance project and issue the Litigation Token with the goal to offer investors the possibility to finance their litigations and legal proceedings with the support of the crypto-community. The Litigation Coin Consortium plans to issue a cryptographic litigation token later 2018 to provide a means of payment for litigations.

That said it should be obvious that FinTelegram and LitigationToken have pretty much the same mission – to make the online-investment scene a safer place. Moreover, the combined projects could synergetically support each other.

In joining the forces with LitigationToken Consortium, Telegram gets access to an outstanding legal expertise around online-investments, crypto-assets, and crypto-exchanges. Both teams will work hard to offer financial intelligence services & litigations finance services to the FinTelegram members in the near future. The LitigationToken Consortium is about to launch an Litigation Fund in the near future to fund litigations of investors. FinTelegram will do the best to support this project.

Please stay tuned for more information.

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