Exodus E&G Bulgaria: The Georgian Boiler Room Operator Alpha Marketing

E&G Bulgaria in Georgia

Update Feb 11, 2018, 4pm: we reached out to David ‘Dudi’ Shemesh a few weeks ago already with the request for answers. He then refused to talk to us for reasons that may be well understood he meant. Dudi reached out to us today to finally provide FinTelegram with answers. He confirmed to FinTelegram that he stopped working for the E&G Bulgaria scheme already a long time ago. He is not in Tbilisi to work for the scheme of Gal Barak and Marina Andreeva or any other entity related to them but for private reasons. He claims to be a native Georgian born in Tbilisi.

Update Feb 11, 2018, 2pm: it may well be that some links to social media accounts may not work because the E&G Bulgaria perpetrators continue to delete their traces. As FinTelegram makes screenshots in such circumstances, no information will be lost finally.

Within an hour upon publishing our article on the exodus of the E&G Bulgaria people we received additional information. Gery Shalon and Vladislav Smirnov, the remaining principals of this cybercrime organization obviously decided to move the operation to Georgia where Shota Shalelashvili offers the political protection, a save haven. Here is another update on the situation of this cybercrime scheme on the move.

E&G Bulgaria Managers Moving To Tbilisi

From the documents we received at least the following E&G Bulgaria managers already moved to Georgia in an attempt to avoid further actions of European enforcement agencies:

Some of those guys have already posted their first impressions on their new home Tbilisi, Georgia, on their Facebook accounts. They are obviously quite impressed by the cheap alcohol over there, at least Barak Biton posted this on Facebook.

The Deleted Social Media Life

Some of the guys already deleted their Facebook accounts after FinTelegram identified their postings and exposed their hostile attitude against German investors. Kfir Levy, for example, one of the leading heads in the E&G Bulgaria scheme also deleted his LinkedIn account. As did Marina Andreeva. And they will continue to do so.

Alpha Marketing and E&G Bulgaria
Alpha Marketing – The Georgian subsidiary of E&G Bulgaria (register record)

High Live In Tbilisi And Victims In Europe

Are we really entering the next round of the gigantic fraudulent scheme around Gal Barak, Gery Shalon, and Vladislav Smirnov the “family” that runs this scheme? While European victims (retail investors) have been defrauded by hundreds of millions these guys simply move to Georgia and continue their cybercrime business. Goodbye Europe, welcome Georgia. Politically protected by Shota Shalelashvili. Or is it just coincidence that E&G Bulgaria people move to Georgia where Gery Shalon‘s father is the strong political guy? Hard to believe.

All fraudulent websites are still online, just to mention XTraderFx, SafeMarkets, Golden Markets. Those Israeli guys really think that they can do whatever they want, right? This is why FinTelegram has a place in this space and a mission. To prove them wrong.